Did you know that car accidents are not necessarily caused by accidents? In fact most accidents are not accidents at all but are caused by collisions which could have been avoided if only the drivers were alert enough. There are several factors that contribute to majority cases of collisions and these are as follows: equipment failure, roadway design, poor roadway maintenance and then the driver’s behavior. According to studies conducted on car accidents almost 95% of the accident can be blamed on the driver’s recklessness in driving either due to excessive speeding or due to aggressive driver behaviors. However, the remaining three factors are just considered as secondary causes of car accidents. In order to fully understand each of these causes it is important to tackle each one by one.
EQUIPMENT FAILURE The most common equipment failures are due to loss of brakes, tire blowouts, thread separation and then the steering and suspension failure. Nevertheless, such equipment failures should not be blamed on the car manufacturers since they have made all possible effort in providing their manufactured cars with safety features that are in accordance to the minimum safety standard in order to ensure the safety of their clients. Moreover, equipment failures only constitute 5% of the total car accidents reported.
ROADWAY DESIGN Roadway designs are the rarest cause of car accidents, it’s because roadway designs are a collaboration of all transportation experts that have years of experience when it comes to road construction as well as in effective traffic management system. Aside from that, roadways are constructed by engineers with consideration to the following: hazard visibility, roadway surfaces, traffic control devices, behavioral control devices, traffic flow, roadway identification signs and weather.
POOR ROADWAY MAINTENANCE Although there have reported cases of car accidents caused by poor roadway maintenance however the frequency of which is not enough to consider it a major cause of car accidents.
DRIVER’S ROAD BEHAVIOR The most common caused of car accidents are due to errors committed by drivers while driving. It is a common fact that people tend to blame faults on almost anything they can find to put the blame on for whatever wrong or mishap they caused. In fact, most studies related to car accidents shows that drivers in car accident situations tend to blame the other party for the whole car accident fiasco and only a very little percentage of drivers involved in car accidents actually confessed of being the one responsible. And also, studies further shows proofs that over speeding due to the aggressive behaviors of some drivers as well as the habit of drinking then driving often lead to car accidents.


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