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What Your Luggage Tells Others About You

Airports are fascinating places. In the midst of all the rush is the enforced waiting. Waiting that people make use of in all sorts of ways. One of the things that...

For the Movie Watcher Who Can’t Get Enough

You love movies. That’s obvious or you wouldn’t be here. You’ve got a good system where you can watch your movies. That’s also obvious. Now comes the fun part, what do you watch? Because...

Pigeon Forge Hotels –

Hotels are a large component of Pigeon Forge lodging. As with any major tourist destination, there is a wide array of hotels to choose from. There are local independent hotels as well...
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Cruises For The Entire Family

Cruise ships are not commonly thought of as family vacation vessels. However, there are a fair amount of cruises, like Carnival’s “fun ships” targeted at fulfilling just this purpose. Look at it this way:...

Brazil Travel

If you are thinking about going to Brazil, I think you are a very smart person. Brazil is an exciting country with plenty to see and do and a very warm people who love...
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You Might Be An Ultralight Backpacker If

If you you find yourself saying "Hey, that's a good idea," to more than one of the following, you might be an ultralight backpacker. They are collected from various lightweight backpacking forums. For those...

Yacht Competition Racing for the Disabled Takes Off!

Yacht racing, though it may seem like "a breeze" to spectators (to turn a phrase), is really a lot more complicated than it looks. Anyone who's ever been involved in a "backyard regatta" or...

Why All the Debate on Lift and the Principles of Flight

There seems to always be debate around aerodynamic principals; specifically around the theory of lift and the textbook versions taught on the principles of flight. Many times it confuses physics students, even causes them...

Exploring Ancient Cyprus

The Eastern Mediterranean is a hotbed of human history. From Troy and her famous citizens to the vast Roman Empire that conquered the region with such panache, many thousands of years of human drama...

What Do Cowboys-n-Campfires Have in Common

I bet you're wondering where the heck this articles going. After all what could cowboys-n-campfires have in common? Well lots actually!Cowboys are full of wonderful tales from their travels and their work....

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