England is well known for its historical pubs, some dating back to the middle ages.
What better place to do a historic pub crawl than York?
As one of England’s most historical cities, there are plenty of pubs in York worth a visit.
Ye Olde Starre Inn at Stonegate is one of our favourite pubs in York. You can’t go any further than here for fantastic food, a great atmosphere and the time of your life. Not only that, but being the oldest pub in the city, Ye Olde Starre Inn holds real historical significance.
The Inn dates back to around 1644 – the time of King Henry VIII’s reign – and is the subject of many ghost stories. The Battle of Marston Moor was fought near York in the English Civil War and the Inn’s cellar was used as an operating room for the wounded. It is said their screams of pain can still sometimes be heard throughout the pub. Another interesting story is that of the two cats who were apparently bricked into the pillar between the door and the bar. It is said the cats can be heard scampering through the pubs and that dogs bark and hit their heads against the pillar trying to get to the cats.
Another pub in York that is of particular interest is the Kings Arms. This is one of if not the best known of the pubs in York. As you wander inside to the warm, friendly atmosphere take a moment to look around. As you are greeted by the smiling staff and a friendly open fire (in the colder months) you will notice the pub’s inside d?cor of stone and wood features plaques of water heights.
The Kings Arms is best known for its capacity to flood. Being located on the banks of the River Ouse, every time the river bursts its banks the pub goes under water.
The Kings Arms is one of the pubs in York that serves up a fantastic meal. Sit inside or outside and enjoy the view of the River Ouse and have a pint or two and a bite to eat.
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