Although the Bahamas may be most well known for its casinos and night life, it also offers many options for families. The beautiful islands really do offer something for everyone and for all ages. For the younger children in the family, the beach is the perfect location. The water is perfect for swimming, and the soft beaches are perfect for running up and down where the surf meets the land. When the children grow tired of playing in the water, parents can help their children in one of the most beloved beach pastimes: sand castle building.
Of course, the older kids and all the young at heart may crave more excitement. Once again, the Bahamas has what they are looking for. Younger vacationers can opt to rent jet skis or kayaks to tour the waters, or they may even spend their days para-sailing. There are plenty of ways to have fun exploring the islands and their surrounding waters.
While the kids are out exploring, there is plenty of mom and dad to do, as well. For mom, many salons and spas offer unique treatments that incorporate exotic elements of the Bahamas. While mom is getting pampered, dad can enjoy the numerous golf courses, including 2 championships golf courses and the Jim McLean Golf School at Lucaya Beach. When the family is ready to come together for some time together, the beautiful scenery, daring waterslides, fantastic shopping, and wonderful restaurants help make lasting memories.
Even though the Bahamas may not be the first location that comes to mind when thinking about planning a family vacation, it should certainly make the list. Offering activities for every age, the islands are surely a place that no family could forget.