So, you”ve decided to go on a family vacation – but where to? There are several different places that you can go with your whole family, and some of them are better than others.
When you”re thinking about traveling with children, especially, you should definitely make that a major deciding point when you”re trying to figure out where to go.
The most common travel mistake with children is Las Vegas or Reno in Nevada. While the tourism industries of both cities have been trying to make the towns into family vacation destinations (Las Vegas a bit more than Reno these towns are not originally geared toward family.
Both Las Vegas and Reno offer very little attractions for children. And they do not offer anything special which cannot be found elsewhere. If you are thinking about visiting Las Vegas, perhaps you are hoping for at least some gambling. Gambling does not bode well for a successful family vacation with children.
Where traveling with children is concerned, some of the perennial favorites are the Disney theme parks. These parks are ideal for children between the ages of five and twelve – though they are still fun for older children! However, it”s recommended that you wait until your children are old enough to walk. If you bring a child who is younger than three years old, the chances are that he or she will not remember the trip at all.
You should keep in mind, however, that Disney parks are an energetic vacation destination. These are not good places to go for a relaxing time, since they tend to be crowded, and there is always something new to go and see. With younger children, expect cranky afternoons.
For a more relaxed family vacation, you should think about a destination like Hawaii. While Hawaii is not geared specifically toward children, there are still plenty of things for you to do depending on which island you”re staying on.
Hawaii is a good choice for slightly older children — let~s say over ten — because many of its attractions are geared to individuals over that age. For instance Pearl Harbor ~ younger children will have no way to understand what is so special about that place.
Cruise ships are also worth considering for family vacations, though there are a few things you should consider. First, if you go on a cruise, it”s very likely that your family will be sharing living quarters, and things can be a little cramped. This isn”t too bad, however, since chances are good that you”ll only be in your cabin to sleep
– there”s so much going on that you won”t want to stay cooped up.
You should also consider that cruise ship vacations may not be the best choice for teenagers. This is due to the fact that most of the children”s programs are designed for children 12 and under, and teenagers are not quite old enough to participate in the entertainment designed for adults (for instance, lounges and casinos). The benefit of a cruise is that you”ll get to see breathtaking ocean views and visit several different ports. Keep your eyes open for whales!
The conclusion is that choosing the destination for your family vacation is firmly up to you! You are the one who knows best what is interesting for your children and what is not. Take into account what is suitable for them and what is preferred by you, choose a destination or vacation package which offers the best combination of things which appeal to all of you — and you”re halfway to a great trip already.