A journey to Andros is a lovely respite from the world. There are many qualities that make Andros stand out from the other islands that make up the Bahamas. It’s a small, intimate sort of place, rich in natural beauty and wildlife.
Andros is an eco-tourist’s paradise. The fifth largest landmass in the Caribbean, it is an ancient island, gradually emerging from the sea with each layer of coral limestone. There are as many fascinating sights to be seen below sea level as there are to be seen above. Underwater explorers will see a wide variety of marine life, so varied and diverse that Andros attracts researchers from all over the world. On the top side of the island, there is an abundance of flora and fauna, including species and varieties found nowhere else on earth.
Small Hope Bay Lodge Eco-Tours is a wonderful way to explore these many natural wonders. Environmentally concerned and conscious, Small Hope Bay Lodge has been offering a variety of eco-tours for more than 40 years – long before the word or concept of eco-tour came into vogue. Their caring and knowledgeable staff make wonderful guides to accompany visitors through this largely unexplored island. In fact, Andros remains one of the largest tracts of unexplored land in its hemisphere.
Among the nature activities available through Small Hope Bay Lodge is the Snorkel Safari on Fresh Creek, in which participants travel along Fresh Creek in a dive boat. Occasionally, visitors are able to snorkel with dolphins, however this is not a guaranteed activity, because these are wild creatures, not the tamed and trained dolphins usually featured at dolphin swims. It is a different experience all together. As the boat glides along, visitors will view a wide variety of plant and animal life. The fee is $45 for adults and children 12 and older. The rate for children under 12 is $25.
Small Hope Bay Lodge also does a Shark Observation Dive. This allows close observation of sharks and their behaviors. This activity takes place a few times a week and costs $85 per diver and $45 per snorkeler.
They offer a variety of dive programs, of varying skill levels. Some explore the many underwater blue holes found on Andros. Others explore the barrier reefs that are plentiful around the island.
One of the more intriguing of the sights to be seen on Andros is Red Village. Just over 25 years ago, a fascinating indigenous tribe ruled by a chief, organized in the traditional native style and still adhering firmly to the ways of their ancestors, was found to be living in the area of the village. Tourists do visit the area, and of course, that has changed some things for this indigenous group, but the ways of their ancestors still reign supreme.
Andros definitely offers a unique travel experience. It is one of the great wilds of the region, a haven for birds and animal, as well as a place in which breathtakingly beautiful wildflowers are free to blossom at will. This is a Bahamas vacation spot that will offer experiences and memories that will last a lifetime.