There’s really no better way to experience the beauty and serenity of the snow covered mountains around Steamboat Springs, Colorado than by sailing through the snow in a brand new, extremely comfortable snowmobile with any of several professional tour guides at the helm. You gaze in awe as the experts lead you on a two-hour, four-hour or sunset/dinner tour through either Rabbit Ears Pass or the Flattops Scenic Byway where you’ll see some of the most beautiful scenery in the United States.
Over Rabbit Ears Pass you’ll begin with a brief training orientation explaining how to use the new Polaris snowmobiles that are the only ones used in Steamboat Springs. They come equipped with every safety device that exists as well as accessories such as hand warmers to make your trip that much more enjoyable. You’ll fly over well groomed trails, enjoy breath taking views of unlimited expanses of champagne powder and rugged peaks as you travel along the Continental Divide. Treat yourself to a perfectly grilled steak in a cabin along the divide at the bottom of a 10,000 foot peak. An experience you can’t duplicate anywhere else in the world.
Or try the Flat Tops Scenic Byway tour – at a 12,000 foot elevation for the more adventurous amongst you. You’ll encounter no crowds on this unbelievable journey into the Rocky Mountains. The only life you’ll see on this journey is the native wildlife indigenous to the mountain ranges you’ll be gliding over. You’ll see things on this tour that have only been seen by a limited number of people who have the spirit of adventure necessary to climb on the back of a snowmobile and follow a guide over peaks and trails not frequently traveled by man. When it’s over it will be just one more of the many special memories you’ll take home from a vacation in Steamboat Springs.