Traveling during the holidays can be a lot of work. So many people travel during this time of year that it can actually be downright exhausting not to mention stressful. Here are some easy and quick packing tips to simplify your holiday travels.
Focus on getting all your things into one soft side small bag. Yes, one that fits under an airline seat in front of you and is roughly 9″ + 14″ + 22″ = 45″ total. Yes, it can work and will do for any travel better than you think. Picture this: you”ve been standing for hours in the line for you plane and it arrives 90 minutes late which means you”ll have to dash from one end of O”Hare to the other to catch you connecting flight home and be back at work Monday morning. You won”t make it if you checked you luggage and it will be slow if you have to lug more than one bag on your run. Get the picture?
Travel light and pack a single bag you can carry.
When you pack you bag roll your clothes and pack them firmly together with other articles cushioned in between them. This gives everything a good chance of arriving at you destination in pretty good shape even if you are not. Do this with fancy clothes, too. They”ll look just fine when unpacked and hung up.
What To Pack
Take basic outfits. Spread these out on your bed. Before you pack. Make sure pieces can be inter changeable to make several outfit combinations.
Coordinate shoes, stockings, undergarments, jewelry (minimal) and other accessories so that they go with all outfits. The idea here is to keep these things to a minimum.
Pack efficiently. Put socks inside of shoes. Put shoes inside of plastic bags. Put jewelry and any medications in a little pouch or ziplock bag that will slip between rolls of clothes. Put shampoo, conditioner and other toiletries in a ziploc bag, too. Take a large plastic bag for dirty laundry.
Before you leave decide that you will take your dirty laundery home. This is fine for a short 3-5 day holiday trip. In emergencies you can do it where you are staying but for the most part forget about it and take it home to do the week you return.
Returning Home
A great trick to complete a trip is return to a clean, organized home. Especially after the jostling of a holiday trip its best to put your feet up and relax. It is wonderful to return to washed laundry, a clean kitchen with counters cleared, trashcans and newspapers taken care of by neighbors or friends.
Traveling over the holdiays can actually be a fun adventure if you take time to plan ahead, so you can enjoy the actual journey. There are many nice people to meet along the way, new things to see, quiet time to read and relax. Find things you can do while traveling that you haven”t had the time to do while at home.
For example, take a book you”ve been meaning to read or pack CDs you haven”t been able to listen to yet. Fill the time with all sorts of activities you usually put off and make the most of your holiday travel experience.