(ARA) – “Roughing it” is the phrase that probably comes to mind first whenever someone mentions the term remote camping. You may even imagine camping as relying on just an open flame to prepare a hot meal, treating your few remaining batteries as if they were a precious commodity, and hoping there”s the faintest hint of a breeze to cool you down on the hottest of summer days or the warmth of the sun to thaw you on the coldest.
Fortunately, when you leave the campground behind in search of your favorite remote destination, your trip doesn”t have to look like an episode of “Survivor.” Recent innovations in the world of power generation are now allowing you the chance to enjoy the best of all worlds — the ability to unplug from the campground and enjoy some of the country”s most beautiful sites without losing the convenience of everyday electronic devices. “Many remote camping guides flat out tell you to leave the Mr. Coffee at home, says Karen Zellner, manager of RV Marketing at Onan, a power generation equipment company. But with the introduction of products like Camp Power by Onan, remote campers can not only pack that coffee maker, they can also bring along a microwave oven, a DVD player and even take refuge from a brutally hot afternoon by turning on an air conditioner.”
Camp Power is the first installed generator designed specifically for the smaller, towable RVs so popular with many of today”s campers. Compact enough to install under a bench or inside a cabinet and extremely quiet, these generators will dramatically change towable RV camping in the future.
“So often that scenic vista or hidden oasis isn”t close to the campground. And families are often hesitant to disconnect their RV and really explore so their camping experience is limited to the area nearest the electrical hook-up, said Zellner. The recent advancements in generator technology now allow the camper towing an RV to enjoy the same experience and freedoms as the operator of a larger coach motor home with installed power.”
“The great appeal of RVs is taking the comforts of home with you, said Ken Sommer, of the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA). RVs are great for campgrounds, but it”s a real treat to get out to a remote location and explore the public lands that are available.”
Hunting and Fishing
Outdoor sports enthusiasts are another group that can benefit from having a quiet mobile power supply in their towable RVs. In most cases that favorite fishing hole or lucky hunting ground is nowhere near an electrical hookup. So the outdoorsmen without power are forced to either travel some distance from the campground to their destination or disconnect their RV and be left without a way to power the features that lead them to purchase the unit in the first place.
“RVs can serve as a base camp for both hunting and fishing and provides tremendous versatility, said the RVIAs Sommer. “If you”re at a fishing spot and not catching anything, you can just pack up and try elsewhere.”
In addition to making the whole experience easier, there are some practical implications of having power when hunting and fishing. “For starters, you can clean and cook your own fish in the kitchen, Sommer added.
With continued development and diminishing access to private land, RVs will prove even more essential to hunters who are being forced to travel well off the beaten path in search of elusive game. And although they are removed from civilization, by bringing along power, spoilage can no longer be given as their excuse for returning empty handed. In fact, many hunters now bring freezers with them so they can quickly preserve any meat theyve bagged and keep it safe for future consumption.
Camping with Kids
Remote camping isn”t just for hearty outdoor enthusiasts either. Many families seek the thrill and serenity of camping in dispersed locales. Whenever remote camping with children, having adequate power is important — especially if the kids have never camped before. Smaller children can become easily frightened and the added lighting a generator allows you to operate can help alleviate most fears.
While darkness isn”t usually an issue with older kids, boredom can be. Many adolescents aren”t quite ready to simply enjoy the simple beauty of nature. Experts say allowing them to power up a PlayStation for a quick game or letting them watch a movie in the camper before bed might just make the trip more pleasurable for everyone in the family.
In addition to making the camping experience more comfortable, Zellner says having power while remote camping is a safe move. “Taking along extra safety features like campsite lighting and communications systems can provide early warning of severe weather and reduce some of the stresses associated with being so removed from civilization, she said.
Playing It Safe
Its important to keep safety in mind when using a generator at a remote site. To prevent the risk of fire, only generators with a USDA Forest Service approved spark arrester muffler are allowed on federal land. And always be sure to consult park authorities before using your generator as some local regulations may apply.
RVing is a great way to pursue your passions whether it”s hunting, fishing, kayaking, astronomy, antiquing or any family activity. But without power, the freedom, flexibility and control of going where you want to go when you want to go is often lost.
To learn more about unplugging and playing in the nearly 200 million acres the U.S. Forest Service manages, click on www.fs.fed.us. Two other great sites that can help you plan a memorable experience with your towable RV are www.recreation.gov and www.funroads.com.
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