Boats in Marinas often leak a little and whatever leaks ends up in the water. When walking on the docks at the Marina you will notice the shiny stuff on the water; this is pollution and should obviously not be there. We must be careful not to hurt the local surrounding sea life, birds and fish, because they are all part of the eco-system and food chain. If we eat fish, which feed on polluted waters and other creatures, which have taken in this pollution, we too are affected in a negative way.

The environment is proving to be quite resilient indeed. Yet, we want to enjoy our Lakes, rivers and oceans since it is a place for boaters, fishing and fun. It is a shame to see our water so often in such disrepair after we have accidentally released sewage, chemicals or small oil spills into it. I would therefore like to propose that we coat the pillars holding these Marina Docks with a special coating, which will clean as they support the structure. We have modern coatings and environmental dispensers, which can do this. Timed released bio-eating bacteria which feasts on oil and fuel might be a worthy idea.

I propose putting small boxes near on the dock near each slip, which would release encapsulated timed pellets. These pellets would be made of spongy material, which would not hurt the boat hulls of vessels, which might bump into them as they float. The spongy material would also be made very distasteful to birds, fish, sea life and wildlife; yet would clean the local waters and eat the oil and gas spills. If there were no spills these small sponges would not release their coating material and would remain inert. The same coating on the sponges would be on the pillars of the dock. Timed released biological and environmental remediation is nothing new, many environmental engineers use this to help reduce large algae blooms which threaten drinking water supplies, affect water quality or are a danger to sea life. Think on this, we can solve this problem.

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