Recent disasters have brought worldwide attention to the damage that can be caused by hurricanes. Still, many travelers choose to visit the Caribbean and surrounding areas during the Hurricane Season. Some may be asking themselves why people would put themselves in such danger, but there are benefits to travel during this season as well.
First, The Facts
Hurricane season in the Atlantic lasts throughout much of the year – June through November. This is the time of year when tropical storms can form into fast-moving storm systems that can severely damage property if they reach land.
However, it”s important to remember that that not every storm makes landfall, and not every strong storm turns into a hurricane. Tropical storms and even tropical depressions can make landfall and cause tornadoes and flooding problems as well, but are far less severe than hurricanes.
Typically the end months of hurricane season bring the strongest storms. Months like September and October see spikes in the number and intensity of such storms, while, in the early months of the season, damaging strikes are rare.
Benefits of Off-Season Travel
Though hurricanes can certainly be a deterrent in tropical travel, many vacationers choose to take their chances. Most years travelers have little to worry about, and taking a gamble can be worth the relaxation of a tropical destination.
Of all of the benefits of off-season travel, the most talked-about is the cost. Travel during the hurricane season often includes the benefit of extremely low-cost vacationing. Hotels can sometimes even cut rates in half, and tour operators, airlines, and rental companies often follow suit.
For families, children are on break from school in June, July, and August and can more readily leave town, making the beginning of hurricane season an excellent time for a family vacation. And, of course, travel in the early portion of the hurricane season reduces chances of being effected by storms.
Travelers looking to avoid crowds during their vacation will find off-season travel a breath of fresh air. While there may be reduced hours at some island attractions, for some simply spending time alone on a beach can be worth it.
Location, Location, Location
If you”d like to travel during the hurricane season, another way to eliminate some of the danger from hurricanes is to choose your destination wisely. The southern Caribbean usually avoids the brunt of hurricane season. In fact, there is a “hurricane zone” through which most of these tropical storms pass. Islands outside this zone are rarely hit.
The best-known of these islands are known as the ABC Islands. Dutch territories Aruba, Bonaire, and Cura?ao are located just north of the coast of Venezuela, and each offer Caribbean flair without the tropical danger.
Another way to prepare for the worst is to check out the hurricane policy of the hotel you choose to book your stay with. Many hotels have hurricane policies offering complimentary stays for the same number of nights the following year, and other similar plans to help ease the sting of a disrupted vacation.
So, even with so many hurricanes causing trouble in the Caribbean, it is a sure thing that vacationers will be back during hurricane season next year. With so many benefits, why not?