Hard Rock Hotel and Casino
Written by Drew Olanoff
If you”re looking for the ultimate party experience while you”re in Las Vegas, then the Hard Rock experience is what you need.
I”m sure you”re familiar with the world famous Hard Rock Cafe chain, well here is the total package – The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.
Check out what you”ll find in these rooms. The standard room comes packed with a Bose stereo system, which by far is the best sound you”ll ever get out of a little box. A flat screen plasma TV, with first run movies on demand. Once you watch TV on a plasma, you”ll have to get one for yourself, the clarity is amazing. You”ll also have music videos running all of the time in your room and throughout the hotel, which is great. If that”s not enough, you get internet access via TV, cable, or phone for checking your email and boasting to your friends that you get to hang out at such a choice hotel.
Standard room not hip enough for you? You can get a Penthouse, Deluxe Suite, Celebrity Suite or Executive Suite. Each room has its own perks, and if you can afford it, then it is definitely the way to go.
Once you”re unpacked and relax, head on down to the Casino, where you”ll find plenty of slots, and every table game you can think of. Blackjack, Craps, Pai Gow, and Roulette are a few to try your luck and skill at.
I would highly suggest going over to the Palapa Lounge where you can play 21 while you swim. That”s right, it”s a blackjack table on the edge of the pool. Now that”s playing in style.
When it”s time to eat, you can head on over to AJ”s Steakhouse, Mr. Lucky”s, Nobu, Pink Taco, Simon or my personal favorite, Starbucks. Be sure to go to Mr. Lucky”s and get a sundae for dessert, they are fantastic. If you”re just looking to sit down and have a drink, go to the Viva Las Vegas Lounge, it”s right off of the Casino floor, and it is total class and totally Vegas.
The Hard Rock Hotel is all about nightlife. Yo Quiero Karaoke! is also a staple. You can catch that every Wednesday at the Pink Taco.
Catch your favorite artists perform at the hotel, which is an experience in and of itself. The Hives, Danzig, and Social Distortion have all come through and rocked the house.
Whether you”re into rock or not, the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino will rock your world.


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