Frequent travelers and executives are among the masses that get
a lot of discount in the airfare. It is easy to get discount airfare for
them since they travel very frequently.
Cheap air tickets for Corporate
Some of the corporate also get cheap air tickets because they tie
up with some of the airlines for a certain period based on the
discount and services they get from the airlines. Corporate plans
are clubbed with other services through some agencies to provide
better service for their staff.
Promotional discount airfare
Some countries like Malaysia and Singapore promote trading for
foreign visitors during some part of the year. During this period,
they offer cheap air tickets to their country on certain flights. If
you can check with the other airlines during this period, you may
get excellent discount airfare, which may even surprise you.
Other ways to get discount airline tickets
You can become members of certain clubs and associations for
which you will discount airfare for select destinations. You may
even get a flat discount of some percent of the airfare during all
the time of the year. Without all these, you can also get cheap air
tickets if you can plan your trip very early. Some airlines provide
you discounts of up to 85% if you book your air ticket before two
or three months. If you are certain of your trip, you can book your
air ticket like this. Midnight travel on some airlines will have very
low fare since not many people travel during those hours.
Vacation packages
If you are planning a vacation and if you plan it a little earlier, you
are sure to get cheap airfares. Since a vacation package combine
different components like flight booking, hotel booking, car booking
etc., you get an excellent discount and cheap airfare for these
packages. If you book each component of your vacation
separately you will end in a fare this is costly. Moreover, if you
book vacation packages for a group of persons you can further
reduce the cost. Usually vacation package booked earlier than two
weeks fetch you a decent discount in airfares.
Cheap airfare for children and students
Discount airline tickets are available for the student community.
Children also get discount airfare for their travel. You have to
check with the agency or the airline for such offers.
Searching for cheap airfare through websites
You can search for cheap airfare through websites like,, and There are many other sites from different
travel agencies that provide services online. These sites provide
you the feature to search for cheap airfares through an easy to
use interface.


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