The groups of islands that make up the Bahamas are home to some of the most beautiful beaches in this part of the world. Many of these retain the natural beauty that first attracted Europeans centuries ago. With the numerous small islands, each with their own little shoreline beaches, it is, despite the immense popularity of the Bahamas as a vacation destination, possible to find relatively secluded and quite places to enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of the sand and ocean.
New Providence Island has many beautiful beaches. Cabbage Beach is one of the most notable of the public beaches, attracting locals and tourists alike to its stunningly white sands. It spans a three-mile long area of the coast between Snorkeler’s Cove and the Atlantis Lagoon. Palm trees, sea grapes and casuarinas are among the vegetation to grace its borders.
The Pink Sands Beach on Harbour Island is one of the most peaceful beaches to be found in all of the Bahamas. A coral reef just beyond the three-mile long beach offers an excellent scuba diving exploration opportunity, as well as absorbs the force of the ocean waves, making the water a safe and enjoyable place to swim. Due to its position on the island, sunbathers will prefer the mornings, because the afternoon brings shadows.
The beaches on Cat Island are secluded, and glitter with fine, white sand. The graceful, curving lines of the shore meet very clear, clean ocean waters. Plant life along the beach includes coconut palms, palmettos, and casuarina trees.
Tahiti Beach is another of the beaches in the Bahamas that is known for being a quiet, peaceful place that attracts few tourists. Located in Hope Town on the Acabos, this beach is not accessible by car, but rather, must be reached by bicycle, foot or boat.
Those who enjoy more social and active beach scenes will probably feel more comfortable at Cable Beach on New Providence Island. Located near the restaurants – which feature a wide variety of foods, ranging from international cuisines to local favorites of the Bahamas — casinos, bars, and several facilities that offer a broad array of water sports equipment and tours, this beach can be crowded at times.
However, the mix of international tourists and locals is usually interesting and fun for those seeking company and conversation in the sun. There are numerous beach vendors selling a variety of products and services, ranging from hair braiding to unique jewelry. There’s more of a party atmosphere here than at other beaches, with music and dancing here and there on the beach. It is the most popular place on the island.
The beaches of the islands that make up the Bahamas are known the world over for their beauty. The fine white sand that is a common feature of these beaches sets the standard for beaches everywhere. The many little islands offer a broad range of beach experiences, with many options for those who treasure the natural sights and sounds of the non-commercialized beach and relish the opportunities to enjoy these attributes with peace, quiet and privacy. Those who enjoy the classic joys of the active beach life will not be disappointed by the options they find in the Bahamas. International crowds complemented by interesting local people make for a lively social scene, enhanced by the beauty of the ocean and sky. There’s a Bahamas beach for everyone.


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